The Missouri Auto Finance Advantage

Welcome to Missouri Auto Finance, your source for financing in The Show-Me State. Whether you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, whether you have good credit or bad, you have come to the right place. We have the experience, the technology, and the will to get you the auto loan you need…long before you even reach the dealership.

The Process, Step-by-Step

How does the process work? It’s a breeze.

  • Start By Applying for Financing. You can apply in 3 minutes, and we’re able to approve 90% of qualified applicants. We match you with a lender in our network according to your location, credit profile, and income. All credit scores are welcome.
  • Discuss Your Needs with Your Missouri Auto Loan Specialist. You will be contacted by a consultant to discuss your options. They should be able to give you an interest rate quote at this point, as well as your options as far as vehicles and financing terms. Remember, you’re not obliged to accept their offer.
  • Choose a Car or Truck from a Dealership In Your Area. Now that you’re approved, you can select your vehicle from a dealership locally. Pre-arranging financing will help simplify the process of purchasing your vehicle, and potentially boost your negotiating leverage with your dealer.

Who Funds Your Loan?

By and large, auto loans are a type of indirect financing. The dealership works with a bank, credit union, or finance company to fund your loan. We have a vast network of lenders and dealers all across the state, and when you apply, those companies compete for your business. You are matched to one–and only one–lender or dealer, in order to ensure that you have a quality relationship with this company. We ourselves are not a loan originator, but work instead on behalf of our clients to establish the perfect match between borrower, dealer, and lender.

The Importance of Credit Score

Your rate of interest will be a major factor in the overall cost of your vehicle, especially if you have sub-standard credit. Needless to say, your FICO score is the most important contributing factor to the rate you’ll be offered. This is the reason it’s important to know and monitor your score.

It also means that you can:

  • See what lenders see when evaluating your application.
  • Determine what rate of interest you can expect.
  • Protect against identity theft.

What’s more, any mistakes that show up on your report can be disputed, giving you a great shot at boosting your score, lowering your interest rate, and making it easier to secure loans in the future. When you apply, we’ll provide more information about checking competitive rates in your area, in order to ensure you secure the lowest rate possible based on your credit, location, and vehicle.

Keeping Your Privacy Secure

At Missouri Auto Finance, we have some of the most stringent security standards in the industry. All data transmissions of sensitive information are secured via SSL secure socket layer, and we employ firewall and intrusion detection applications to prevent unwanted access. Our agents have only limited access to sensitive data, and we keep email correspondence to the bare essentials.